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About Martin

I am an IT professional who specialises in the Oracle RDBMS, specifically performance, architecture and VLDBs. I can usually be hired at fairly short notice to help with performance or design issues, I’m based in the South of England, close to Stansted airport so within easy travel of much of Europe.

As well as carrying out consultancy and contract work I also present at conferences, maintain this blog and occasionally run training courses.

I have been an independent consultant since 1995, apart from 6 years where I was able to combine IT with my other love, genetics. I was the Database Services Manager for the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI), the UK side of the Human Genome Project. I was privileged to be able to design and build some of the largest database around at that time, the largest eventually growing to over 100TB.
Clients have ranged from large Utilties companies and high-street banks through medium size but highly successful organisations such as share-dealing and on-line gambling companies and smaller concerns with no less critical requirements such as Local Government, B2B companies and NHS regional departments.

I have also carried out project management and team leading roles for clients. As my blog suggests, I can be as interested in the human side of getting the job done as the technology.

Prior to being independent I worked for Oracle Corp for 3 years as a developer and for the NHS before that. I have a degree in Genetics and Zoology.

In 2010 I was delighted to become a member of the OakTable network. I am an active member of the UK Oracle User Group, currently chairing the Infrastructure and Management Special Interest Group and regularly presenting at other SIGs.

If you need help with an Oracle project or a performance issue, please contact me.


1. Fahd Mirza - August 10, 2010

I am also very much proud of my 2TB database, and yes I also ‘foolishly’ yes to most of my employer’s demands, but that has always resulted in learning new skills and pushing my limits.

2. Rohit - November 3, 2010

Very informative blog Martin.

Oracle people love tinkering with very large databases. Though I am not into Oracle, but delivered few apps. on Oracle back-end too.

I want to create a sample VLDB, but not following how to gather data.

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