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Friday Philosophy – What ever happened to System Design? September 14, 2009

Posted by mwidlake in Architecture, performance.
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{OK, so it is not Friday, I’ve got a lot on, OK?! Shesh…}

I’m a Contractor/Consultant. As a Contractor I am expected to arrive On Site and within a week be making progress.  As a Consultant the week becomes a day.

That’s fine, it’s the territory. However, there is a question I always ask and I know other people ask it when they arrive on site:-

“Can I please have a look at the database design”.

We normally mean an Entertity Relationship diagram or at least a schema design by this. The usual answer these days?

” We keep meaning to do one, but it never seems to quite get done – here are some misleading and poor notes on a few of the the schemas, if you get an ER diagram together, we would love to see it”.

Why does no one do an ER diagram these days and why is there never a picture of the tables and relationships that you can look at for a system? Despite the fact that anyone new to the system hopes one will exist? What Happened to the skill of logical design?!

When did the ethos of having an overall schema layout just go out of the window??? And how in hell do You (yes, You, the system owner) expect to have a clue about the overall system without one?

Oh, and what is that I hear? You want me to improve the performance of your system without having a description of said system!? You have no clue of the overall database design but you want it to run faster?!? I better set the hidden “_RUN_DATABASE_FASTER” parameter to TRUE immediately then.

Is this just me or WHAT?