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Keeping the server and storage utilisation high October 9, 2009

Posted by mwidlake in performance.
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A friend of mine sent me this today, from an old site of mine:

From: John Smith
Sent: 07 October 2009 10:08
To: Sarah Sims
Cc: DBA team
Subject: RE: Performance issues on your Test servers

Hi Sarah,

Please could somebody tell us why this query is running repeatedly on your database:

SELECT composite_key , exact_time , object_type , table_name , user_id , xml_data FROM usr1234.acramendlogshd ORDER BY 2;

It’s very prominent in both of the 1-hour time slices I’ve analyzed so far, and is fetching the entire 12GB 20M-row table.  This is so absurd that it looks almost like a programming error!

The same table in the production environment is almost the same size, 18M-rows.


From: Sarah Sims
Sent: 07 October 2009 11:18
To: John Smith
Cc: DBA team
Subject: RE: Performance issues on your Test servers


This would be the ACRALS service which has a bug in it currently which means that it runs continuously but never achieves anything.


So, not only inefficient and pointless but known to be inefficient and pointless. And still on.

And as some of you may suspect, yep this is a third party application where changing the code is forbidden. Seems like testing before release might also be forbidden….