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Decoding high_value and low_value January 3, 2010

Posted by mwidlake in internals, performance.
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There is an update to this post here>

The table DBA_TAB_COLUMNS holds the LOW_VALUE and HIGH_VALUE for columns. This information is potentially very useful to us, especially as when the CBO looks at a WHERE clause on a column for a given value, the High and Low values for that column are considered. If the value in the WHERE clause is outside the known range, the expected number of values to be found is decreased in proportion to the distance outside the range.

What is not so helpful is that Oracle stores, and displays, the information in an internal raw format. Which is utterly unhelpful to us of course. Why can’t they at least expose the information in a view in a human-readable format? Tsch.

So here is some code on how to decode low_value and high_value. I pulled most of this together a few years back but always struggled to decode the low and high values for dates, until I found this post by Gary Myers.

-- col_stats
-- Martin Widlake mdw 21/03/2003
-- MDW 11/12/09 enhanced to include more translations of low_value/high_value
-- pilfered from Gary Myers blog
col owner        form a6 word wrap
col table_name   form a15 word wrap
col column_name  form a22 word wrap
col data_type    form a12
col M            form a1
col num_vals     form 99999,999
col dnsty        form 0.9999
col num_nulls    form 99999,999
col low_v        form a18
col hi_v         form a18
col data_type    form a10
set lines 110
break on owner nodup on table_name nodup
spool col_stats.lst
select --owner
--      ,table_name
      ,decode (nullable,'N','Y','N')  M
      ,num_distinct num_vals
      ,density dnsty
  ,'NUMBER'       ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_number(low_value))
  ,'VARCHAR2'     ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(low_value))
  ,'NVARCHAR2'    ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_nvarchar2(low_value))
  ,'BINARY_FLOAT' ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_binary_float(low_value))
       ||to_number(substr(low_value,7,2),'XX')||' '
,  low_value
       ) low_v
  ,'NUMBER'       ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_number(high_value))
  ,'VARCHAR2'     ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(high_value))
  ,'NVARCHAR2'    ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_nvarchar2(high_value))
  ,'BINARY_FLOAT' ,to_char(utl_raw.cast_to_binary_float(high_value))
       ||to_number(substr(high_value,7,2),'XX')||' '
,  high_value
       ) hi_v
from dba_tab_columns
where owner      like upper('&tab_own')
and   table_name like upper(nvl('&tab_name','WHOOPS')||'%')
ORDER BY owner,table_name,COLUMN_ID
clear colu
spool off
clear breaks

Most of the translation is done via the utl_raw.cast_to_datatype functions but no such function is provided for dates, which is where most of us come unstuck. Gary recognised that the data was being stored in hex format, with an offset for the year.

I hope the script helps some of you.
{There are also functions under DBMS_STATS, DBMS_STATS.CONVERT_RAW_VALUES, that can also be called to translate many datatypes}

If anyone knows how to decode timestamps, I’d love to know as it would save me trying to work it out/find it on the Net somewhere. I’ll add it to the post so that there is one place to find all translatations.

Here is a quick output for a test table

Enter value for tab_own: dwperf
old  40: where owner      like upper('&tab_own')
new  40: where owner      like upper('dwperf')
Enter value for tab_name: ad_sql_exec_p
old  41: and   table_name like upper(nvl('&tab_name','WHOOPS')||'%')
new  41: and   table_name like upper(nvl('ad_sql_exec_p','WHOOPS')||'%')
any key> 

---------------------- ---------- - ---------- ---------- ------- ------------------ ---------------
INST_ID                NUMBER     Y          4          0  0.2500 1                  4
SQL_ID                 VARCHAR2   Y     87,104          0  0.0000 008d71chrks14      gzw309ttkx862
PLAN_HASH_VALUE        NUMBER     Y      1,884          0  0.0005 2646229            4294043874
SPC_ID                 NUMBER     N         83          0  0.0120 1076               2269
ADDRESS                RAW        N    118,198          0  0.0000 00000003E33123A0   0000001342FF3FF8
HASH_VALUE             NUMBER     N     87,104          0  0.0000 2758710            4294676643
CREATED_DATE           DATE       N        120          0  0.0083 2009-10-23 8:19:10 2009-12-10 9:19:13
LATEST_FIRST_LOAD_TIME DATE       N     11,791          0  0.0001 2009-9-14 11:55:59 2009-12-13 9:33:24
TOTAL_LOADS            NUMBER     N         98          0  0.0102 1                  55047
TOTAL_PARSE_CALLS      NUMBER     N         92          0  0.0109 0                  2972
TOTAL_EXECUTIONS       NUMBER     N        235          0  0.0043 0                  834624
TOTAL_ROWS_PROCESSED   NUMBER     N        809          0  0.0012 0                  26946123
TOTAL_FETCHES          NUMBER     N        313          0  0.0032 0                  834624
TOTAL_BUFFER_GETS      NUMBER     N      3,016          0  0.0003 0                  3355576809
TOTAL_DISK_READS       NUMBER     N        985          0  0.0010 0                  28189240
TOTAL_DIRECT_WRITES    NUMBER     N         98          0  0.0102 0                  751289
TOTAL_SORTS            NUMBER     N        106          0  0.0094 0                  5283
TOTAL_CPU_TIME         NUMBER     N     94,401          0  0.0000 1337               12183936207
TOTAL_ELAPSED_TIME     NUMBER     N    115,203          0  0.0000 1337               139692482086
TOTAL_OPTIMIZER_COST   NUMBER     N      1,467          0  0.0007 0                  369740902209315000