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Just a pointer to an update January 27, 2010

Posted by mwidlake in Testing.

This post is really just to highlight that I finished salvaging Yesterdays Post. If you found it of any interest before, go have a look at the end. If not, heck go look at dilbert. As funny as ever but BOY is that web site suffering from advertising hell and slow performance…

Update – I removed the link to the dilbert site because I went over to the site the other day and got one of those “Your PC is INFECTED” cons popping up in my browser. You know, the ones that tell you you cannotget rid of the infection without their software, but the only infection is their software. I could not get rid of it without shutting down my browser session (and yes, I have PC security software that is updated every day).



1. Nigel Thomas - January 28, 2010

I read Dilbert via RSS (Google Reader in my case). That cuts out most of the advertising (just one small banner appears – AFTER the cartoon), and all the garish site decoration that’s been slowing it down for the last couple of years.

Regards Nigel

2. Dogbert - January 29, 2010

To be fair to Dilbert, he’s aware of this and has the fast alternative [ http://www.dilbert.com/fast ] for those of us who are both impatient and who never click on annoying animated banner ads.

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