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I’m still here, honest May 18, 2010

Posted by mwidlake in Blogging, Perceptions, Private Life.
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In the last 24 hours I’ve had four emails asking if I am OK – Apparently I am not blogging or bothering people via email! Well, I am OK (and thanks guys for the concern), I was just knackered.

Rule 1 of blogging “no one cares about you as an individual” (and, I am glad to say, that is a myth. Even in the zero-physical-contact medium of electronic communication, some have been concerned about my silence. Humanity may yet have a future)

Truth is, I damaged myself trying to get healthier {so it is back to the eating pies and drinking beer for me!*} and that caused lack of sleep and more unhealth and I ended up very, very, very tired and I was reduced to putting all my energy into doing the day job.

This has nothing to do with a Blog on technology and database, of course.

Ahh, but Yes, it does, it actually has a hell of a lot to do with it. I have been tired, hard-pressed and under-performing. So I concentrated on doing my primary job and nothing else. So I have not blogged and I have not emailed people and I have not generally helped as much as I would like.

The thing is, if you think of your comrades and fellow staff (and, for some of you, the people who work for you) most people around you could well be the same. The primary directive of business, at present, is to get everything for your current task out of the staff right now. That is the prime directive, push the staff hard to get x, y and z done. Or, for those of you working under an Agile Methodology, the handful of tasks in front of you for this sprint {or whatever the hell terminology is for your take on the “Get It Done NOW” methodology}.

I have had no bandwidth to do more than my day job of late. And I stopped helping. I think some current working practices and philosophies have the same, chronic effect.

Is this a good thing? I will let you decide.

For myself, I’ve had a week walking in Snowdonia (and I was not fit enough to get the best out of the time, but mentally it was a God-send). I thought nothing about technology; I thought very little at all. I walked up hills, I drank beer and wine and I ate lots of pies. And I now feel good.

I know I am doing better work now than I was 2 weeks ago.

So, I hope to start doing proper technical blogs again in the next week or so. But right now, having had a week of total down-time, I am ready and need to do my day job again. And they pay me, so I better go off and do it! Expect a proper technical blog next week.

{* I joke about damaging myself getting fitter, but I feel condemned to point out that being generally fitter and healthier is a good thing, even if you hurt yourself getting there. It is better to be old and fit than old and decrepit. Or old and dead. 🙂 I’m full of happy thoughts like that…}


1. oakesgr - May 19, 2010

Hi Martin. It sounds like you’ve also been struck by the Agile blight! I call it a blight because as much as I like the ‘just get it done’ mindset, a recent project I’ve been working on has suffered because no one really gave much thought to the long term planning. After 3 months of ‘just getting it done’ someone high up decided we’d run out of money and the project was put on ice.

I’ve kind of given up on the ‘being fit’ thing. Every time I try to exercise enough to get myself fit, I end up being injured instead. With that in mind I’ve finally hung up the football boots and am now concentrating on golf instead. Surely I can’t injure myself with that!


2. Aman.... - May 22, 2010

Hi Martin,

I can understand that sometimes, due to various reasons, all one demands is being with himself and being with some of the most nears and dears only! Also, at times, pressure from the work becomes too heavy! I am glad that its all getting over now and you are again going to come back into Oracle community.

Though its difficult to express for someone only by words, still I want to say, that your blog is one of the best ones and you are among the finest oracle experts we have around.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you back in full action very soon 🙂 .


mwidlake - May 22, 2010

Hi Aman,

Thanks for that, I really appreciate your support.

I hope to continue blogging more regulalry again now :-).


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