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Advertising appearing? August 10, 2011

Posted by mwidlake in Blogging.

I’m curious – is anyone visiting my blog seeing some form of advertising popping up?

I ask as there is a section on “links clicked” in the stats page and rather than the usual traffic of people clicking on the oaktable logo or people in my blogroll, the most common link is for ecopressed-dot-com. I’ve never heard of them. When I go in to my blog I don’t seen anything but then it knows it is “me” so maybe it would not.

I’m not too bothered about it, after all WordPress are hosting my blog for pretty much nothing {I pay them some outrageous sum of a few US dollars a year so I can alter my CSS file and thus make the layout wider}. I’m just curious.

I wonder if this is a result of increased traffic to my site? I’m still fairly small-fry compared to lots of other sites but as I’ve been putting out more stuff of late I think I’m going up the web rankings. Oddly enough, those pictures of bullets I put on last Friday’s philosophy have been very popular. I can’t help but feel that most people looking for information on bullets are going to find a blog about IT somewhat disappointing 🙂



1. Mike Cox - August 10, 2011

Nothing comes up for me in firefox, IE or chrome, could it be people clicking on links to come to you ?

PS: good IOT articles, needs to sit down and do some benchmarking when I get chance.

mwidlake - August 10, 2011

Thanks for checking Mike. Did the various browser versions result in a different look to the blog?

2. Gary - August 10, 2011

I generally surf with an AdBlock, but googling “mwidlake ecopressed” showed up
and a couple of others going back to March.
They seems to be the source of your clicks.

mwidlake - August 10, 2011

Hey, thanks Gary, smart move. I did the same and looked at the cached page and what do you know, a little add at the end of the post appears.

I guess it is because I’ve finally risen above some sort of threshold of activity.

Do I feel good about this or not???

3. Darryl Griffiths - August 11, 2011

The bullets were pretty.
I work for a forensics company, so we had a good look.

mwidlake - August 11, 2011

Well, I know little about such things, except I am showing cartridges and the bullets are the projectile at the front. But Kevin Closson who provided me with the images says…
“actually, the spend round is copper-jacketed lead (.243 Win)…the green poly tip is 100% copper…”
“The wood rounds are for projectile-free functional training/testing … they feed proper, fire, recoil, all that… but only flame makes it out of the tube”

4. Era - August 26, 2011

This link has been showing in my blog stats as well. I ran across this post when I was trying to figure out why. Did you ever figure it out?

mwidlake - August 26, 2011

HI Era,

I did, yes. It is an advertisement placed on my page by WordPress – WordPress have to make money to support the service they supply and one of the ways is adverts appearing on blogs that get enough traffic to be worthwhile. If you are getting adverts, then you must be doing OK for traffic to your blog. Well Done 🙂
If you want to get rid of the adverts, one of the paid-for options with WordPress is a fee to remove adverts.

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