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Was the Oracle UK logo Blue back in 1991? December 6, 2011

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I think I might be going mad. I was sure that when I joined Oracle UK back in 1991 that the massive “Oracle” sign above the main office on “The Ring” in Bracknell was blue. It was the building that looked like a load of cubes balanced on each other.

As I remember it, the office stationary had “Oracle UK” on it in blue and my business cards were similarly coloured. I can’t find any 20 year old stationary to prove it and I owe Bryn Llewellyn a bottle of wine if I turn out to be wrong.

I’m sure I also remember fellow consultants joking in around 1993, when the annual bonus was particularly poor, that it was due to all the money spent going from blue to red stationary and signs when our UK identity was absorbed into the parent beast…



1. Nigel Thomas - December 6, 2011

Yes, I remember – it really was blue; I think I still have an original card somewhere (I joined Oracle UK Dec 1986, emp # 155)

2. Peter Lyons-Lewis - December 6, 2011

From my old mate John Turner who joined Oracle in the old days…:

The Oracle UK logo was blue when I started in ’89. I suspect it was something to do with differentiating from Oracle teletext which I think used a red logo and/or colour scheme. JT

3. Mark Rabjohns - December 9, 2020

Yes, it was blue. I worked at The Ring office in Bracknell, and the UK operation was using blue for the logo at that point.

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