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OUGN 2012 Third Day March 26, 2012

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The last day of the three (and second on the ferry and of the conference proper) had a lot of talks I wanted to see, especially Dan Morgan talking about “Insanely large Databases”. It was a good talk, with an interesting interlude when a very loud announcement let us know we had docked at Kiel. Dan handled it with aplomb. Dan was talking about one specific experience he had suffered recently and he covered quite a few things I did and some I planned to but never got that far – but he had more technical details about the issues he had encountered, so all in all probably of more immediate use to the audience than my talk. It was a very good session. I have to confess, there were times I laughed out loud as memories flooded in, prompted by his wise words – I fear others may have interpreted differently but, honestly, I was laughing tears of shared pain.

I was also looking forward to seeing Uwe Hesse talk about Dataguard. I’d had the pleasure of spending a lot of time and a few beers chatting with Uwe over the last few days. His presentation was very well done (as it should be, he’s a professional trainer! He exceeded my expectations, though). And I loved the last bit, where he demonstrated how, under 11G R2 (R1 as well???), if you have a physical standby, a block corruption can be fixed “on the fly” and invisibly to the end user. I just love that feature and, though I knew about it already, seeing it demonstrated and the errors appearing in the alert log – though the user query runs fine – was sweet.

The rest of the sessions I saw were also good {Maria Colgan on preventing sub-optimal plans which was, mostly, about avoiding implicit data conversions, which I think all developers and designers should have drummed into their heads with rubber hammers; Doug Burns on those OEM performance graphs which continue to get better and better} – but I had to given in and go for a sleep. These anti-seasickness pills seem to work but make me dozy. I’d love it if those anti-travel-sickness pills were really placebos and I had a placebo side effect 🙂

The last day was rounded off with a nice meal and one or two (or three, or four) beers in a bar and some excellent times. I of course spent time with the Other Martins (we could not disband the cluster too easily), Doug, Holger, Maria, our Norwegian hosts and many more of the other people there. If only I had managed to fit in the other 10, 15 people I wanted to see but I’m getting old and I was very, very, very tired.

I have to say, it was one of the best conferences I have ever been to. OUGN 2013? Get yourself on that boat.



1. Uwe Hesse - March 26, 2012

Martin, I agree that is was a great event – told Truls already about it. Thanks for the nice mentioning of my presentation in your post! Just one small correction: It’s Uwe, not Ewe 🙂

mwidlake - March 26, 2012

Oh my, the shame! I have corrected the spelling of your name Uwe. I offer only my ignorance and dyslexia as my only defenses. It was a cracking talk though.

You may not know this but, in English, “ewe” is the term for a female sheep. Maybe I should not have mentioned that….

Uwe Hesse - March 26, 2012

I just don’t want to know what Freud would tell us about that :-))

2. Neil Chandler - March 27, 2012

3 days on a boat with a cluster of Martins and Scotsmen… Dante would have had something to say about that. 😀

mwidlake - March 28, 2012

Yeah, he would say “It sound like a great time!” :=) We had an Irish lady as well but I can’t remember any Welsh contingent to complete the UK line-up.

Jonathan Lewis - March 30, 2012

I think that’s the first time I’ve been told I’m unmemorable.

mwidlake - March 30, 2012

You’re Welsh Jonathan? You hide it well. No mention of the valleys, no signs of fixation on certain woolly mammals…Though, now I think about it, some close-harmony singing lurks in your past?

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