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Friday Philosophy – Presenting Leads to Drinking, Discuss June 15, 2012

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Just a quick Friday Philosophy {the day job is very demanding at the moment, thus the silence on the Blog front}

I’m presenting in Leeds at the start of July on UKOUG AIM SIG on “The First Few Things You Need To Know About Exadata”. As part of the final preparation of the agenda it’s been raised that we should have a beer after the event and put it on the agenda.

Now, when I ran the Management and Infrastructure SIG, there was always a last item of “retire to a pub for a drink or two”. It is a common feature of technical UKOUG SIGs and a great opportunity to chat to the speakers more.

Chat to the speakers. Now I think about it, most of the speakers always make it to the pub after a SIG. If the attendance on the day is 10% speakers, 10% committee and 80% delegates, the make-up in the pub will be 30% speakers, 20% committee and 50% delegates, or similar.

At conferences, the bars in the evening are covered in speakers (all still speaking – loudly and {usually} drunkenly).

So, is it that:

  • Speaking leads to elevated drinking
  • Drinking makes you more of a sucker for speaking
  • Speaking and Drinking have a shared genetic basis
  • It’s just me.

My excuse is that all that hot air coming out my mouth makes it dry and it needs a little wetting afterwards…


1. Neil Chandler - June 15, 2012

I think you drink to get me to the pub so you have something to blog about… 😉

mwidlake - June 15, 2012

I make you go to the pub! That’s outr… err, about right actually.

Once a year it is so successful I get you to present too.

Neil Chandler - June 15, 2012

always do sober what you promise to do drunk.

2. oraclebase - June 15, 2012

I present and don’t drink (unless Anjo makes me)… 🙂



mwidlake - June 15, 2012

Yeah, but if you drank would you present better? A certain Scottish chap we know does both at the same time…

Neil Chandler - June 15, 2012

one scottish gentlement gets his audience to drink…

mwidlake - June 15, 2012

Same scottish gentleman! If I remember, he gets his audience up to join him in a drink!
I met one of his “helpers” in another talk, later that same morning. “Hi, How are you?” I greeted him. He turns, looks googly-eyed at me and slurs “I’m Pished! 11am and I’m Pished!” He did not seem to be clear on whether this was a great thing or an appalling thing. Probably a bit of both.

3. Peter Scott - June 15, 2012

Back to the original symposium or drinking party concept… a good idea

4. debra - June 15, 2012

I think this is the whole concept of some conferences esp lets say MOW!! But yes I only drink when speaking (or after 🙂 )

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