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Friday Philosophy – Half Million Views May 27, 2016

Posted by mwidlake in Blogging, Friday Philosophy.

I only noticed yesterday that I’ve had just over half a million views on my blog since I started it back in 2009.

ScreenHunter_101 May. 27 13.31

I think that is direct views on the blog and does not include the odd syndicated place such as the Oaktable website. Though in my case, I don’t think syndicated views make much difference 🙂

I know that there are many Oracle blogs and sites that get this volume of traffic in a couple of months, maybe even a few weeks for the top 2 or 3 (I should get Tim Hall drunk and ask him about OracleBase) but I’m still proud of keeping this blog going and that a small number of hundreds pop by each day Except weekends and holidays, when I am relieved to say most people find something way better to do than look at my blog! I also do not know how the number of views relates to the number of individuals who have at some point (whether once or a hundred times) looked at something on my blog. If 20 visits is the average, that would be 25 thousand people have been to my blog. That’s a small town!!!

Admittedly my blog is more my Friday Philosophies rather than deep technical content these days and it is the technical content that accounts for the bulk of visits to my blog, so I am slowly aging out!

Maybe this will be the prompt to do what I keep saying I’ll do (for about 4 years now) and do more actual technical content – you know, things with a SQL statement in it or a chunk of PL/SQL…

So to everyone who has popped by – thank you very much.



1. oraclebase - May 27, 2016


Keep doing what makes you happy, be it Friday Philosophies or technical. The only way to stay in the game is to do things that make you happy. Once you start trying to do things for the crowd it becomes a chore.

There are 1 million and 1 people doing “how-to” articles, but far less doing “why” articles. It strikes me the way to stand out from the crowd is not to follow them. 🙂



mwidlake - May 27, 2016

Very wise words, I totally agree. I think all Community activity has to be primarily because you want to do it.

I do want to do more tech stuff, I just seem to keep getting snowed under when I plan to do some

2. Martin Preiss - May 28, 2016

Congratulations! Personally I think that 2369 (or 2372?) comments is the more impressive number: it shows that your articles have not only been visted but also read – and that more than a few vistors had been inspired to add their thoughts. That’s is a sign of the quality of the writing and an accomplishment, I think.

mwidlake - May 28, 2016

Thank you Martin – what a very nice way to look at it. I love getting comments, even if they are to disagree with me.

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