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Who is ORA600.Ltd?
Well, it’s me basically. A Limited company with one employee (for now), which is how a lot of contractors and consultants in the UK work.

You can visit my website here.

Why ORA600?

ORA-00600 error message description from V7.3 of Oracle

ORA-00600 error message description from V7.3 of Oracle

When I was an Oracle Consultant about, ohhh, a decade and a half ago, I used to see ORA-00600 a lot. I think we all did. It basically meant something had broken that was not being captured or handled specifically by the Oracle kernel. If you know web stuff well but not Oracle, think of it as Oracle’s web 404 error. A ubiquitous error message you see all the time. ORA-00600 often gets referred to as the slightly shortened ORA600.

When I went contracting back in the mid-90’s I had a company called “Legend 100”. I bought it as an embryo company off the shelf with the intention of changing the name, but I never bothered. When I went independant again in 2007 I decided not to resurect Legend 100 but create a new company. It occured to me to use a similar short, simple name. One that was linked to the area I worked in and also one that gave me some slight amusement as I had suffered much grief as a result of OR-00600 errors. I was amazed when I checked that no one had used ORA600 as a UK company name, so I did. {I did check before hand with a couple of contacts I have in a certain large software corporation if they thought Larry Ellison might set some lawyers on me for calling my company this, but they thought it unlikely. No one has come knocking yet}.

At the time of setting up the company I also checked to see if ora600.co.uk was in use or had been reserved, which it had not. I did not check again as I had heard rumours that checking a domain name too often seemed to be linked to cyber-squatting on that domain name. However, I got distracted and never reserved the domain name myself. Foolish, lazy me.

In May 2009 I started, finally, setting up a web site for me to put my presentations, courses and general blurb about myself and my company on. At which point I found out that ora600.co.uk had now been reserved and linked to ora600.be – A Belgian site.

This is actually Kurt Van Meerbeeck’s site. Kurt is a Belgian Oracle Internals expert and the creator of DUDE, a tool for last-ditch recovery of data from dead Oracle databases, when even Oracle Corp experts can’t get the database back up. Now that’s going to be a bad internal error! I can’t honestly say I knew of Kurt before this, but I knew of his tool via Pete Finnigan.

As a result, my web site is on www.ora600.org.uk. It is not up to much at the time of writing, but that should change soon.

I did worry that Kurt might think I was some cheeky upstart trying to muscle in on his reputation, but when I emailed him to say “hi”, he was very pleasant about it. He has even put my blog on his blog accumulator, which was very generous of him.

ORA-00600 error description from the 11g errors manual

ORA-00600 error description from the 11g errors manual


1. Tony - June 25, 2009

I’m sure I suggested the name to you (although others may have too I guess).

However, should the lawyers come calling I want to make it absolutely clear that we have never met, certainly not socially and have never ever discussed company names at all over a beer or three. Heck, I didn’t even know you worked with Oracle – I thought you were some sort of professional tea taster.

Still, if you do need to change your company name there are plenty more Oracle errors 🙂

ORA-01555 is one of my personal favourites (and hopefully one now consigned to the history books)


mwidlake - June 25, 2009

Actually Tony, I think you are right, you could well have suggested the name to me originally. Looks like I owe you another pint:-)

And I resent your infering I am a professional tea taster. The tea drinking is all done in my own time…

2. Pradeep - June 22, 2016

Hi Martin, Hope you are doing good.

I was going through most of your articles on the blog.I find it extremely useful.

are there any presentations to download from here,I could not find any on http://www.ora600.org.uk/.


mwidlake - June 28, 2016

Thanks for the comment Pradeep. My Ora600 website is very, very poor – I have not touched it in years. I know I should put my talks somewhere they can be easily downloaded but I never actually sort it out (I know, it would not take long). However, if you want any specific talk, email me and I’ll send it to you.

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